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Registrations for Module 2 In London, 7-9 March 2014 are now open!
The SISG is a stimulating and diverse program that I found inspiring and helpful.
  Royal Overseas League ECIS is pleased to announce the continued growth and development of the SISG (Sustainable International School Governance) Diploma Program.

The SISG is not only designed to provide professional development for high performance board members/trustees/governors/proprietors/owners and school heads but also to support start-up and emerging international schools. Additionally, business managers, administration managers and marketing and development directors find SISG programs to be highly beneficial.
In our rapidly changing world international schools have become highly complex multi-million euro/yen/dollar organizations.Many board members have limited time to be effective in their role and often move on before they really understand the complexities and needs of modern international educational institutions.
Orientation and training opportunities are usually limited and not progressive. Research has repeatedly illustrated that sustainable development in international school governance is central to schools realizing their potential.


The Diploma Programme consists of two separate, but linked, modules that lead to the ECIS Diploma in Sustainable International School Governance. The modules are offered from Friday to Sunday in October and March in London. Each focuses on specific topic areas relevant to, the needs of all types of governance models that currently operate in international schools throughout the world.
Each Module is highly interactive and consists of a combination of lectures, case studies and group work. The international faculty are drawn from the worlds of education, business and not-for-profit organizations. They bring to the ECIS Diploma in International School Governance programme a fresh and meaningful approach (see Workshop Leaders).
Individual Certificates of Attendance are presented to those who attend a Module. Participants who complete all modules will be awarded the ECIS Diploma for Sustainable International School Governance at the April Administrators Conference.
Participants may enrol independently, or as teams.
While ECIS Membership is not compulsory, participants from ECIS Member Schools are offered a reduced member rate. There is also a reduction for schools enrolling 3 or more.

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